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Open CRM

OpenSol Global offer software solutions for customer relationship management that are designed specifically for your business success. We serve a lot of companies and business types including health, trading, bank, real estate, manufacturing, and much more. Our innovative and exceptional services can help you to manage all the customer details easily and effectively.

Due to huge competition and emerging technologies small business need to be as proficient as possible in order to grow, therefore OpenSol Global offers a scalable solution for managing all parts of your sales and customers.

Usually, every organization use a unique and specific sales process, that’s why we have developed Open CRM to solves your all sales problems. Our CRM solutions are customizable and scalable and can lead your sales team to success. You can easily manage the flow and documentation of the sales process with Open CRM.

What are benefits of Customer Relationship Management solution?

These are some of benefits of Customer Relationship Management solution:
  • Manage data of customers in effective and efficient way

  • Track customer leads and follow-up

  • Monitor progress in every step

  • Convert leads into sales easily

  • Centralized DB of all customers