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OpenXero Screenshots

OpenSol Global is a well known leading company for software building. We have been helping many businesses and companies to easily handle their management systems. In the same way OpenSol Global come up with their new software i.e. OpenXero. The software is designed by the experienced team of OpenSol Global to help many businesses and companies. With no doubt OpenSol Global is a well-established and trusted company to provide solutions to your problem.

For this purpose we have designed a Sales management system namely OpenXero which is beneficial for all types of business and companies who are willing to manage their sales, expenses, profit and loss in a better way. Our software solutions are the best options to handle your daily business challenges in very cost effective and timely manner. With the help of our OpenXero software you can save your time which you utilize in paper work. And can save your money which you will spend in hiring someone for managing your sales and purchase.

OpenSol Global will never regret you for choosing their solutions for your problem. We provide you with the best solutions of your problems and will surely make you proud for choosing them. We will guide you according to your needs.

So, if you want to get rid of your business problems go and contact them.


    The image shows that the software has proper login form which determines that no outsider can check or change your data. Only the person having its confidential can login and can update or add the records.


    The image explains how the software exactly works like. What you will find in the software so that it will be helpful to you. The first page means to say the dashboard is showing the total income, total expenses, and total profit in both graphical and logical manner.


    The image explains about the income summary of sales in the business. It is showing that you can have a detail income summary the graphical representation explaining the monthly income summary in a detail manner. It is also showing what you have deposit. What are your sales and what is the total you have got at the end of month. The left panel is showing that you can have income summary, expense summary, tax summary, profit and loss summary etc.


    The image explains that in the left panel under the reports section you will also have a proper record of your profit and loss whether, it is in income or whether in expenses. You can easily calculate your gross and net profit. This software is really helpful for your calculations which is now a days not an easy task. You can even take a print of your records.


    An image shows the billing system here. You can easily create a bill for your vendors and it will be recorded in your system. If in near future there comes any problem in your balances you can check the bills and cross check everything. The calculations, sales, purchase, expenses, profit and loss can easily be managed by using this very comprehensive software by OpenSol Global OpenXero