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OpenSol Global as you all know offers their best services and solutions to solve your problems. We are well established company and have made a good name in markets and industries by providing our best services to our customer. So, if you are going to establish your new company or business. The software’s built by their well-trained, highly experienced designers and developers will surely be a great addition to your company or business. It will lessen your work load and will handle your business or companies issues very easily.

OpenSol Global has offered new software for managing your work load. We named the software OpenWor. The basic purpose of the software is project management. Now a question will arise, what we mean by project management? Project management is mainly the practice of planning, initiating executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The main challenge of project management is to accomplish all of the project aims within the assumed constrictions. So for this purpose we have developed software OpenWork.

OpenWork is basically a type of software encompasses different modules which are specially built for those companies who want to accomplish their objectives in a timely manner. It would plan, organise and control resources accordingly and assist you to achieve your strategic goals.

As you know we are well known software company even we are using our solution OpenWork for managing our work load. We just wanted to explain you; this software is surely a great problem solver for those who feel project management a hectic task. So, after this entire intro you will surely want to know, what this software will actually do for us. Here we are with some detailed explanation of this software.

What OpenWork Is And What It Will Do?

OpenWork is actually a management software which is built to manage your projects, clients, employees, payment history, time management for each project, completed tasks, pending tasks, due task, overdue tasks, total attendance, leaves, tickets about the project, resolved tickets, pending tickets, employees active time, employees leaving time also shown on it. Every employee will have their own login details and they can only see what project the admin has assigned to them. There are 2 admin panels. One is the main admin or we say the company CEO and the other is project manager. As everything will be under the supervision of admin or we can say the project manager. The other details regarding project, time log, attendance, leaves, tickets of projects, pending order, overdue order will be under main admin control means CEO of the company. The overall status of the project will be shown in this software. As a whole we can say that OpenWork actually handle all the things involved in a project. In our opinion a company who wants to be in race with today’s world revolutions will surely use OpenWork for their work load management. It will surely save much of your time. So, you can say it is secure software in every aspect.

Benefits Of OpenWork Software

  • Easier Collaboration

  • Better Scheduling

  • Delegate Tasks More Easily

  • Document Sharing and Access

  • Standardized Processes

  • Integrate New Team Members

  • Make time management easier

  • Cost Effective

  • Easy Monitoring

  • Improved Productivity

Why Buy Our Software?

This question might arise in many people mind. Here we are to explain you why our software OpenWork is worth buying. The main reasons behind it are as follows.

  • Low worth of proprietorship

  • Very pocket friendly

  • Easy to implement

  • Easy to understand

  • Provides you large storage of your data

  • You can handle everything regarding your project by staying at one place

  • You can keep the check and balance of your employee’s performance

  • You can certainly cooperate with your clients

  • Data Security

  • Tracking of projects become easier

  • Very flexible

  • It will save your time

  • Customer satisfaction will be 100%


Our project management solutions comprise different methodologies and tools that will help you in planning, scheduling, execution and moderation of a project. OpenWork can be used to control costs, manage quality, manage a budget, and even as an administration system

OpenSol Global being a trustworthy company that has never disappointed his trusted customers. We promise you that we will keep bringing prodigious helping solutions in the future as well


OpenSol Global is a trusted and extremely responsible software company offers a smooth and stable implementation process of their fully functional solutions in your organization.

We always stay fully focused on delivering 100% results of our solutions. We have developed our all solutions with the help of an agile software development life cycle. We take the following steps illustrated with the help of the image below. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers.