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Are you making a plan for establishing a new pharmacy? Or you are planning to renovate your existing pharmacy store? However, if we consider, present circumstances there is no doubt that technology is prospering and the medical sector is an essential sector in a territory, to raise this sector. Hence, investing in retail pharmacy management software is at all times a virtuous idea. In fact, at the present time, these systems have become an essential part of any of the pharmacies those are profound to stay economical and have confidence in supplying improved consideration to the consumers by means of a computerized and well-organized process.

OpenSol Global is a profound software company known by our best quality work with 100% efficiency. We have been serving nationwide with our best developed software’s by our well trained and experienced developers. We have now developed retail pharmacy management software -OpenPharma that will solve your pharmacy regarding problem in very effective way.

Pharmacies are capable of customizing & restructuring the work-flow with retail pharmacy management software -Open Pharma that comes packed with innumerable functionalities and features to enhance proficiency, security as well as cost-effectiveness. By implementing this system, you can get assistance in a number of means, as it moreover makes management enormously easy, by addressing scarcities (if any), restructuring work, efficiently running the pharmacy, fetching rapid & accurate reports at whatever time prerequisite, supports in Centralized data storage with security and the utmost important one, Customer satisfaction.

What OpenPharma Is? And What It Will Do?

OpenPharma is actually pharmacy management software specially built to make your pharmacy related operations easy. OpenPharma is a pharmacy management solution that will cut your operational costs in an effective way. We at OpenSol Global always bring software that will give you ease and lower your efforts. Now, what it will do? It will generate a complete report on daily basis. It will have full record of your sales, purchase, customers, total medicines, generated invoice and so on. It will show you the graphical representation of your progress on monthly basis. You can easily add medicines, add customers, can create new bill, can create POS (Point of Sale) invoice. You can easily check sales report, purchase report, stock report as well as account summary. You can easily manage your sales invoices, sales records, medicines records and so on.

Benefits of OpenPharma

Its obvious software of every type has its remunerations. There is no software who is not giving any benefit to you. Whether more or less but it’s surely helpful to you. In the same way retail pharmacy management software OpenPharma also provides some benefits and these are as follows:

  • Manage medicine stock easily

  • Monitor Expiry date with alerts

  • Automated stock in and out

  • Minimize errors and save time

  • Cost effective and Fast

  • Easy to manage and Saves times

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Easy Reporting

  • Improved flow

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

  • User-Friendly input & recall of patient, medicine & prescription information

  • Accuracy & Safety

  • Automated claims processing

  • Medicine Inventory Management

Why You Should Buy OpenPharma?

In case of Pharmacy Management Software, the developing company wishes for it to be multifaceted and vigorous. Like, it should be able to track inventory, generate several reports, manage workflow, and manage complex billing adjudications in real-time, keep track of comprehensive dispensing data and a lot more. It involves dozens of essentials features.

  • Low worth of proprietorship

  • It is beneficial in increasing productivity and resultantly profitability

  • It is flexible software that may be custom designed as according to your requirements

  • There are wide-ranging modules created preserving in mind all of the requirements

  • It offers Smart User Management with the support of assigning special privileges to unique users. It is also able to manually set parameters for exceptional users.

  • With it being included with Barcode Scanner, its miles able to file details easily and consequently accelerate the sale procedure

  • There are some of useful functions available in the machine along with Expiry Date Alert & Minimum Stock Alert

  • Quite promptly & quickly the software offers the evaluation and records about the business, which is helpful in better decision-making

  • It gives a Centralized Data Storage facility as well as Easy & Interactive retrieval of data

  • The software is reliable & secure as at some stage in the development of the device, all of the primary threats were taken into consideration and all preventive measures also are taken care of

  • It boasts simple, user-friendly & efficient user-interface design, as all the key elements are taken care throughout the designing of the system


Ultimately, with the help of the right system, you will be able to make better business decisions and it gives you an edge in the dome of pharmacy. In fact, by comprising a business model will likewise support in appraising the financial influence of pharmacy management software on your occupation. So, go ahead and choose the expert OpenSol Globalretail pharmacy management software OpenPharma to get the best results.


OpenSol Global is a trusted and extremely responsible software company offers a smooth and stable implementation process of their fully functional solutions in your organization.

We always stay fully focused on delivering 100% results of our solutions. We have developed our all solutions with the help of an agile software development life cycle. We take the following steps illustrated with the help of the image below. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers.