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The technology has globalized the world like never before. This has affected the way of doing many businesses. It is more crucial than ever for any business or service provider that takes itself seriously to have a system or software to have a digital infrastructure in place. This helps the business reach its audience as well as stand out from the competition. There has also been a shift from manual to digitized labour.

The use of different types of software in your businesses has become ubiquitous. This has necessitated the creation of IT solutions to help businesses manage critical processes. Technology is creating deep inroads obsessed by the hospitality business, and hotels through the world are considering, using technology to make procedure smooth and well-organized.

Technology in the hotel business keeps on progressing at a fast pace and hotel management software (HMS) stays basic for hoteliers hoping to improve the running of their business. With the help of software, hotels administrators can reorganize their organisational procedures and improve their general hotel management system.

If you want that your hotel business run successfully and wants to keep everything in order then hotel management software developed by OpenSol Global will surely be a good option for you. You wish you have such kind of software that can keep everything in order and organize everything in very cost effective manner. Then surely OpenHotel which is a hotel management software having different functionality will definitely help you.

With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, OpenSol Global specializes in creating customized software for our clients as well as providing top-notch IT consultancy service. We service several businesses, such as hotel, school, inventory, pharmacy health care, retail store and so on. Our dedicated team of professionals caters to your every need right from the concept stage till the execution phase. Our experts understand that all businesses are unique and must be catered to accordingly. We believe in working synergistically with all our clients to provide the best possible service. We can customize the software to suit your needs, to empower you and your business is the best it can be.

As a result we are now here with our new solution OpenHotel that will surely help to solve all your hotel management problems.

What OpenHotel is? What It Will Do?

OpenHotel is basically hotel management software it is the sort of technology that permits hotel operators and owners to reorganize their administrative responsibilities whereas moreover increasing their reservations in both the short- and long-term.

The OpenHotel (hotel management system) is not just significant for your private day-to-day manoeuvres, but it plays a vital role for the inclusive visitor’s experience.

The fundamental goal of our software -OpenHotel is to deliver the quality amenities that will expand your staff efficiency and customer contentment. Our hotel management software is scalable and customizable and can be used for all of your hotel needs.

Benefits of OpenHotel

No issue if your primary concern is to give an archetypal guest experience or just to expand income and remunerations. A hotel management system -OpenHotel that is providing all what, you desire for your hotel management. Truth be told, this software will assist you with accomplishing both, for less exertion than you were formerly investing. Follows are some of the benefits of -OpenHotel that will help you accomplish your goals

Following are the benefits of using apparel design software:

  • Speeds up operations

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

  • Saves time and reduces errors

  • Increases accuracy and efficiency

  • Increases guest satisfaction

  • Secures sensitive data

  • Helps you stay at the top of competitors

  • Saves resource cost

  • Reduces administration work and gives data insights

  • Manages hotel distribution

  • Manages guests’ data

  • Improves communications

  • Manage your revenue

Why To Buy OpenHotel?

OpenHotel unique and fully functional software by OpenSol Global provides you variety of benefits that will make your hotel management faster and easier. The benefits OpenHotel providing you are as follows:

  • Real-time Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Quality System Integrations

  • Integrated Reservation System

  • After Sales Support and Data Security

  • Pricing Intelligence


If you want to be successful in your hotel business then OpenHotel is best option for you to utilize it in your hotel and make your hotel management experience better enough like never before and increase the revenue of your hotel business.


OpenSol Global is a trusted and extremely responsible software company offers a smooth and stable implementation process of their fully functional solutions in your organization.

We always stay fully focused on delivering 100% results of our solutions. We have developed our all solutions with the help of an agile software development life cycle. We take the following steps illustrated with the help of the image below. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers.