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Information Security

Information security is highly important for every organization and OpenSol Global provide services to secure and preventing the system from unauthorized access, disruption, disclosure, do modification in data, inspection, recording or destruction of information. Information security is a general term that can be used regardless of the form the data.

The act of providing trust to the client about the information, that the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of the information are not violated in any case, it is making sure that data will not lost when critical issues will arise.

These issues may include the following reasons, but are not limited to these:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Computer/Server Malfunction
  • Physical Theft

How we manage information security?

Following are the common methods that we use to avoid non-authorization access and loss of data on your servers:
  • Identification

  • Authentication

  • Authorization

  • Cryptography

  • Encoding & Decoding

  • Regular Back Up
  • Reduce the Risk of Power failure