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Database Administration

Database plays a vital role in managing data of any organization from small scale to large. A database of any organization hold complete records of their resources, sales, purchase and accounts information. Database management system is important to any business and organization as they provide a highly efficient and easy method for handling multiple types of data that exist in their organization. Some of the data that can be mostly managed are: employee records, payroll, accounting, project management, inventory, student information, sales, customers, production and much more.

OpenSol Global is providing database administration services to their clients who have no detail technical knowledge. We have dedicated team of database administrator who are available fulltime or on-call for you.

Our team of database administrator provide following services

  • Chronologically backup of the databse

  • Optimize the database storage space

  • Create daily, weekly and monthly reports of data statistics

  • Reduce response time of database

  • Lower the chances of database errors

  • Provide database security
  • Recover database in case of failing