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Admin & Customer Support

A very common pitfall in starting any new business is that we do not have enough manpower to concentrate towards after sale services as well and unable to provide admin support to their client that cause loss of clients. As running your company, you are more focused to generate revenue or managing capital to run the business. And at the same time you are busy in marketing and business development for new customers. Now what happen when you have existing or old customers and there is no one to give customer service to them.

With more competition in businesses, there is an increased demand for customer support and it becomes more crucial for management to handle customer touch points across the entire lifecycle. The OpenSol Global provide Customer Services under thier BPO department and fulfil client’s specific expectations and address them in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.

OpenSol Global is providing customer support facility directly to your customer and represent your business. We provide training to staff and equip them with all techincal and admin aspects which should be delivered to your customers. OpenSol Global is also providing solution elements through some proprietary channels such as new processes, technology depth, strong domain skills, and culture.

What type of support we are providing

We provide support by following three type of means.
  • Live Calls

  • Online Chat Support

  • Email Support

What are the benefits of customer supports?

It is equally important to retain your old customers with making new customers. As our old clients are our company most valuable assets. You will get the following benefits by providing support to them

  • Happier Customers
  • It retains the customer
  • Gets you more references
  • Increases profitability
  • Gives you and your employees confidence
  • Creates a holistic marketing scenario