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OpenSol Global offer a smooth and steady implementation process of CERP in your organization.
We have adopted “agile” software development life cycle to deliver 100% results. Please look at visual presentation of implementation process at below:

First Meeting

First discussions to get a general idea of the objectives of the customer and an overview of the scope of the project.

Demo Trial

An instance of CERP is deployed and configured based on the information collected during the first meeting. This instance is presented during a second meeting.


Discussions are conducted with key persons of the company to understand thier needs and be able to provide a quotation for the full project. The end of this phase is either sign a contract OR an exit point where the customer can decide not to proceed further.

Detailed Analysis

In case of big and complex projects, a second phase of detailed analysis takes place where data is evaluated from all departments and all aspects. Contract reviewed/revised if requirements are changed. Here again the customer can either sign a revised contract OR an exit point not to proceed further.


The functional scope defined in the analysis document is implemented. Depending on the complexity of the project, this phase can be divided in iterations. This gives the customer a good visibility on the progress all along the project.

Deployment and Data Migration

The application is deployed in the production environment and the data are migrated. At the end of this phase the application enters the beta phase.


The training of the users takes place. Once the training is complete the application is ready for production.