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Retail & Trading

OpenSol Global offer flexible solutions that meet all the business requirements of retail and trading concerns and help to manage your business easily and quickly. We develop software solutions for global retailing and trading in an omnichannel trading environment. Our supply chain solution expert supports for all retail and trading activities, and the ability to fulfill customer or client demand regardless of geographical location, time of day or desired shopping touch point. You can run your business by plans and strategy, accessing the right information in the real time to recognize concerns early.

It’s not just retail agents whom we service; we also provide services to in institutions like brokers, hedge funds, banks and professional traders with technology and liquidity solutions. We offer our customers complete solutions that help them to expand their business. OpenSol Global customizes its solutions for the sector by focusing on expanding customer reach and promoting brand loyalty. Our channels extend to all major customer touch points and forums including online mediums so that customers receive high-quality customer care services and huge brand experiences.

Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry


– Customer Care
– Online Support
– Complaint Resolution
– Returns Processing
– Complaint Resolution
– Brand Activation
– Order Processing
– Telemarketing

Goods Manufacturers

– Information ‘Hotlines’
– Product Promotions
– Telemarketing
– Door-to-Door Sales
– Consumer Surveys
– Inventory Management
– General Inquiries