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Oil & Gas

OpenSol Global provides user-friendly and intuitive oil & gas accounting solutions that automate the whole system process accurately. Amongst the top companies who develop an oil and gas accounting software application for the personal computer, OpenSol Global has been a pioneer in the software industry for nearly a decade. We provide you vision, support, and guidance, by relentlessly delivering new product innovation, education and ongoing communication.

What is in it for you?

OpenSol Global is committed to providing petroleum distributors with the tools they need to meet the unique challenges of the petroleum industry, such as:

  • Integration with suppliers – including Shell Oil, and Valvoline
  • Support for delivery scheduler routines
  • Extensive reporting, including gallons display and loan equipment tracking
  • Hazmat Tracking
  • Fleets Management
  • Support for drum deposits and harmonized items
  • And many more!

OpenSol Global features functionally rich ERP solutions designed particularly for distributors. Features include sales and order management, financial management, purchasing and inventory management, customer relationship management, business reporting and analysis, pricing, warehouse automation, e-business, and much more.