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Education is one of the biggest sectors in these days. This industry generates large-scale profits and huge employment opportunities. OpenSol Global has a targeted approach towards E-learning system considering learners academic profiles and talent. We have generated an Intuitive reporting system which evaluates Relevance of online curriculum, average speed of answer and E-Learning session’s volume. Also with it giving the benefit of carrying the training in diverse languages by industry certified online trainers. We also are proficient in utilizing contemporary E- learning solution as to increase the percentage conversion from trial to active, percentage enrollment rate per course with generation an influx of online traffic simultaneously.

What is in it for you?

OpenSol Global is committed to provide a comprhensive LMS (Learning Management System) which offer great features for Teachers and Students:

  • Manage courses
  • Manage assignments & quizes
  • Manage evaluations
  • Manage grades & exams
  • Enroll in courses
  • Particiapte into ourse activities
  • Participate in assignments, quiz and exams

OpenSol Global have strong background to implement tailor-made LMS for your institute.